The 5 Step Strategy to Get Yourself Out of Your Job Search Rut


Reduce Workplace Stress | Jobs in Atlanta

Are you getting discouraged by your job search? Feel like you are stuck in a mental rut? It’s natural to feel this way, especially with an extended job search process. Most people need anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks to locate potential job leads and to hear back from applications. During this time, however, you… Read more »

4 Habits of Truly Successful Professionals


Do you know how to be successful? This is a subjective idea based on what each person views as their personal achievements. Yet, there are some standards that once met are decidedly successful by society’s values. Things like financial wellness, respect from peers, and a balanced life are often looked at as measurements of success…. Read more »

How to Address Employment Gaps on Your Resume


Nearly every working person has been affected by brief periods of unemployment at some point in a work history. It’s been estimated that the average adult can spend as much as 28 to 34 weeks looking for work during periods of unemployment. From corporate layoffs to returning to school, there could be gaps on your… Read more »