How to Appeal to Millennials as a Company


This is the first year when Millennials have become the largest group of job seekers in the market. This group of young up-and-coming employees are creative, hard-working, new college graduates and technologically savvy, meaning they have a lot to offer your company. But how can you make sure you are offering a work culture that will… Read more »

How to Tell a Candidate They Didn’t Get the Job


Getting Out of a Job Search Rut

Your company reputation depends on effective communication with clients, suppliers, and job applicants. A positive outcome from any interaction is ideal; however, all job interviewees are not going to be selected or receive good news. How, then, can an employer reject a candidate without sullying its reputation in the eyes of the candidate. Liz Ryan,… Read more »

Want Better Candidates? Start Constructing Better Job Descriptions!


A poorly written job description is a fast way to ensure high turnover. The job description should accurately reflect the position and the requirements to ensure a good fit. An inaccurate job description is likely to ensure that the wrong person, possessing inadequate skills, will perform a substandard job … and leave. Jay Goltz, author… Read more »