How to Respond When Someone Asks How Much Money You Make


Most people find talking about money incredibly uncomfortable. When a person asks you how much you make, it is normal to feel a bit startled or even defensive, largely because people treat their salaries like private information. Figuring out how to respond to the person can feel like a challenge. This is especially true if… Read more »

4 Signs You Aren’t Being Treated Fairly at Work


Nearly everyone struggles at some point in their career. Maybe the tasks aren’t particularly engaging or the environment isn’t a precise match to your needs. While few jobs are usually considered “perfect,” there is a substantial difference between having to deal with the normal challenges associated with being a professional and genuinely being treated unfairly…. Read more »

How to Stay Motivated During Your Job Search


While the idea of finding a new job can be exciting, most job searches aren’t the most fun. In fact, they can become downright frustrating rather quickly. But staying positive is often the key to success. Otherwise, you may see your motivation dwindling before you get results. To help you stay motivated during your job… Read more »

Email Etiquette Tips for Job Seekers


Importance of Happy Employees | Atlanta Jobs

When it comes to searching for a job, email is your new best friend.  With just a few clicks you can: Submit your resume and cover letter in response to an online job advertisement; Reach out to contacts in your network; Send thank you notes to recruiters or hiring managers following an interview. And, while… Read more »

The 5 Step Strategy to Get Yourself Out of Your Job Search Rut


Reduce Workplace Stress | Jobs in Atlanta

Are you getting discouraged by your job search? Feel like you are stuck in a mental rut? It’s natural to feel this way, especially with an extended job search process. Most people need anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks to locate potential job leads and to hear back from applications. During this time, however, you… Read more »

Align Your Goals with the Employment Trends for 2014


In setting your career goals for 2014, it is wise to align them with the current job market. The economy and the working world israpidly changing, and your goals must change also. If you are job seeking, widen your outlook and consider options that may not have been possible previously. Economic change affects sectors and… Read more »