How to Manage Employee Conflict the Best Way Possible


Manage Employee Conflict the Best Way Possible

It seems as if every day in the news that there is another worker conflict resulting in injury or some other tragedy. These incidents are often stemming from minor infractions that continue to spiral out of control until someone loses it and violence ensues. All HR managers must learn how to deal with employee conflicts… Read more »

Have a Group Interview Coming Up? Don’t Sweat It


Group Interview in Atlanta Georgia

In an effort to save time, weed out unqualified candidates, and force people to compete for jobs – some recruiter somewhere decided that group job interviews were the way to go. Now, they have become more popular with hiring companies. This means that all job seekers should be prepared to face group interviews and come… Read more »

PrideStaff Recognizes Atlanta East Staffing Firm as New Office of the Year


Lilburn, GA, February 20, 2016 — PrideStaff, a national staffing organization, is pleased to name the Atlanta East office as its New Office of the Year. The award, given at PrideStaff’s recent Annual Conference, recognizes the newly opened PrideStaff office with the best results nationwide in revenue, growth, quality management and community involvement. “PrideStaff provided… Read more »

Money Isn’t Everything…Consider These Non-Cash Incentives


Every company needs the best people on board to thrive. However, some positions are harder to fill than others, and new hires may not be able to handle the pressure so they quit. This is a costly aspect of being in business. Recruitment costs can soar in the never-ending battle for employees who will stay in… Read more »

Are Your Job Hunting Skills Up to Date?


The recession is over and the economy is gaining momentum. Is your career doing the same? Without up-to-date job hunting skills you are at risk of stagnating despite a vibrant economy. Don’t get left behind in the hunt for more lucrative opportunities. The Economic Forecasting Centre at Georgia State University reports that a gain of… Read more »

Evaluating Company Culture before Agreeing to a New Position


Before deciding whether a new position is right for you, determine your workplace preferences. An effective hiring manager will quickly sell a company position to the chosen candidate who may be lured by an attractive salary or a plush office. If you hated the long commute and the strict office hours of your last job,… Read more »