Is Your Current Benefits Package Keeping Employees Happy?


In today’s tight labor market, companies continually have to stay one step ahead of the competition. While many businesses focus on salary to assist with their retention goals, neglecting the benefits package can be detrimental. The majority of highly skilled professionals have expectations regarding their total compensation package. Without benefits that can actually keep them… Read more »

5 Tips For Being Discreet While Looking for a New Job While You’re Employed


Conducting a job search while you’re still employed can be tricky. You want to make sure your current employer isn’t aware of your intention to secure a new opportunity as it can put your livelihood at risk. This makes it important to be careful with how you proceed. If you want to keep your activities… Read more »

Should You Consider Hiring for Temporary Positions This Holiday Season


  Many companies experience seasonal fluctuations in demand, especially around the holiday season. Others need to maintain standard production rates, even when employees are hoping to use vacation leave to spend time with family and friends. And, in some cases, organizations deal with all of the above. But there is a way to ensure you… Read more »

Are You Missing Out on Better Candidates?


Hiring Better Employees | PrideStaff

You’ve done the legwork to create accurate job descriptions, post job opportunities on various job boards, and even started interviewing promising candidates. If you’re still struggling to find the right match, you may be missing out on better candidates. Many qualified professionals are registered with staffing agencies in Atlanta and could be the ideal fit… Read more »

Make Your Resume Shine with These Tips!


Improving Your Resume | PrideStaff

The job marketplace is more competitive than ever so you need to make sure your resume stands apart from the rest. Your resume is the first thing your prospective employer will see so it’s that much more important to make a positive first impression. Now is a great time to spruce up your resume and… Read more »

Interviewing Soon? Avoid Caffeine for Better Composure


Staffing Agencies in Atlanta | PrideStaff

If you’re getting ready for interview day, you may already be anxious or nervous about the meeting ahead. While drinking a cup of coffee or tea can help you stay alert during that early morning interview, it may not help you with your nerves. Caffeine is a stimulant which means you may end up being… Read more »

How to Manage Employee Conflict the Best Way Possible


Manage Employee Conflict the Best Way Possible

It seems as if every day in the news that there is another worker conflict resulting in injury or some other tragedy. These incidents are often stemming from minor infractions that continue to spiral out of control until someone loses it and violence ensues. All HR managers must learn how to deal with employee conflicts… Read more »

Building a Successful Mentoring Program is More Imperative Than You Think


Finding a Career Mentor in Atlanta

Companies today need low-cost yet effective methods of developing the career paths of employees. While online training and classroom sessions can take care of some of the more technical aspects of employee work, mentoring is a time-tested solution for teaching a wide variety of soft skills. Therefore, it is imperative that your company begins or… Read more »