Are Social Network Profiles Making Resumes Obsolete?


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Social networking is the new normal. And, when it comes to your job search, the way recruiters are using social network profiles is changing. For many opportunities, social network profiles are making resumes obsolete. Personal Branding It used to be that ‘branding’ meant something cattle ranchers used as a method to differentiate their herd from… Read more »

Sort Out Bad Job Candidates with These Questions


It’s common for hiring managers to be faced with a litany of unqualified candidates who apply for positions without first reading the requirements. The issue is that hiring managers must carefully weed out candidates without discriminating against them. When this is the case, a bit of screening using interview questions can be the solution. Here… Read more »

3 Tips for Reducing Turnover at Your Company


Does your company have a problem with people quitting? Or are there certain positions that are impossible to keep filled with great people? Employee turnover is not only frustrating, it’s costly to the business. Experts estimate that it costs as much as a half a year’s salary to replace just one lost employee. How can… Read more »