2019 Technology Trend: Drones in the Warehouse


Drones are becoming increasingly popular. Beyond the recreational and military applications, drones are beginning to make waves in the business world as well, and not just as possible vehicles for delivering orders to customers. These Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are also showing up in warehouses, serving as technology-based co–workers that can enhance productivity.  Precisely how drones… Read more »

You Deserve Better! Here’s How to Find a New Job, Today!


Do you ever find yourself slumping over your desk, head in your hands, just wishing the workday would end? Does the thought of heading to work in the morning seem unbearable or are you unable to enjoy your Sundays because you know Monday is on the horizon? Have you ever caught yourself fantasizing about quitting… Read more »

Are You Overworked? Here Are 3 Tell-Tale Signs


Many professionals would assume it would be easy to determine whether they are overworked. After all, they are experiencing the situation first-hand, so they should be fully aware of whether they are facing more than they can handle. In reality, people are surprisingly adept at adjusting to shifting work demands in the short term. A… Read more »

Make Your Resume Shine with These Tips!


Improving Your Resume | PrideStaff

The job marketplace is more competitive than ever so you need to make sure your resume stands apart from the rest. Your resume is the first thing your prospective employer will see so it’s that much more important to make a positive first impression. Now is a great time to spruce up your resume and… Read more »

Interview Tips to Help Influence Your Body Language Communication


Interviewing in Atlanta | Employment Services in Atlanta

Did you know that people make an initial impression of you just seconds after they meet you, based on how well you present yourself? It’s true. A Princeton University study proved this, when it studied people’s reactions to seeing someone for the first time. This research indicated that it literally takes people one-tenth of a… Read more »