3 Tips to Keep Your Personal Life from Affecting Your Work Life


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Let’s face facts; life can be challenging. At times, your personal life may be difficult to manage. You could have a sick family member, an unexpected financial hardship, or another incident that leaves you anxious, sad, or distracted.   However, if your personal life begins to affect your work life, you could be making a difficult… Read more »

How to Balance a Physically Demanding Job and Workout Routine


When you work in a physically demanding job, working out after you end your shift usually doesn’t sound very appealing. After all, spending a day walking, lifting, climbing, carrying, dragging and pushing isn’t easy, so heading to the gym to squeeze in more may seem like too much. However, maintaining a workout routine is still… Read more »

Work-Life Balance is Necessary … Here’s How to Talk to Your Boss About It


Work-life balance is something every professional hopes to find. However, it is incredibly elusive and certainly won’t happen by accident. This is especially true in today’s hyperconnected world, where work activities bleed over into your off-hours thanks to smartphones and other digital devices. If your work-life balance is disrupted over the long term, it is… Read more »